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so many to try and enjoy

discover our cocktails mixing east with west from a moroccan mojito to a turkish delight martini, or sample our distilled & refined spirits from across the glove, to wines & beers, dont forget our famous smoothies, juices & shakes! no fuzzy hangover, guaranteed

so mezze drinks menu


a unique trip to the levants and enjoy cocktails invented by our expert so mezze mixologists from across the globe, those blending classics with moroccan twists to compliment any mezze, you will be surprised by our exotic selection. our menu also hosts premier champagne & world class wines selected by our expert team.

  • sospecials

    • moroccan mojito

      a moroccan twist on a classic mojito, infusing rose water & arabic tea, clouded by lime juice & kissed with cardamom, it's a so mezze special not to be missed on a birmingham night out

    • turkish delight martini

      a cocktail inspired by the classic turkish delight sweet, obtained by combining vanilla vodka & creme de cacao with a hint or rose water & garnished with rose petals

    • old cuban

      the famed New York City bartender Audrey Saunders, created the Old Cuban as the perfect showcase for Bacardí 8 Años rum. this drink is fast on it's way to becoming a modern classic. served in a martini glass, a blend of gran reserve 8 anon bacardi, lime, mint & sugar syrup

    • swinging sultan

      combining finlandia vodka, pomegranate juice & cointreau with a dash of ouzo inspired by the flavours of istanbul & bought to you by so mezze

    • so pornstar martini

      from the famous cocktail inventor douglas anchor, an amazing blend of finlandia vodka & passion fruit syrup, served with a shot of prosecco, it is now the most famous contemporary classic in the world

    • gentlemens brew

      a long refreshing sipper, with gentlemen jack tennessee, twice mellowed for the discerning gentlemen around town

    • bombay cooler

      bombay sapphire with elderflower cordial, sugar syrup & a dash of lime juice then topped up with soda, a refreshing start to your evening at so mezze

  • sococktails

    • champagne, kir royale

      kir royale a delicious blend of champagne & creme de cassis garnished with a blackberry

    • champagne, the bellini

      invented at harrys bar, venice in 1934 includes martini, champagne & peach puree

    • mojito

      a very refreshing infusion of lime, mint & bacardi rum

    • cuba libre0

      a popular cocktail from cuba & translates as 'free cuba'. a mix of rum, lime & coke

    • daiquiri

      an endless varieties of this cocktail are further down the page, but the classic remains popular, containing bacardi, lime & sugar

    • cosmopolitan

      made famous by the movie 'sex & the city' this is a fun fruity cocktail made up of vodka, triple sec & cranberry juice

    • amaretto sour

      a popular cocktail combining citrus flavours with disaranno almond liquor

    • champagne, french 75

      an all-time classic comprising of gin, lemon, simple syrup & of course champagne

    • champagne, mimosa

      a simple classic , fresh orange juice topped with moet champagne

    • old fashioned

      this is a quintessential cocktail with woodford reserve bourbon, bitters & a orange wedge to garnish

    • bloody mary

      the perfect bloody mary is a hotly debated topic, but here we believe we have it just right, containing worcestershire sauce, tabasco & tomato juice, a sure spicy classic

    • manhattan

      an essential cocktail for any whiskey lover, it is believed to date back to the 1800s, a mixture of bourbon & sweet vermouth

    • piña colada

      first made in puerto rico in 1952, with rum, pineapple & coconut cream, the only thing missing is the sand between your toes

    • long island ice tea

      this is what happens when four different spirits collide to create one powerful drink. gin, rum, tequila & vodka resulting in a strong yet delicate cocktail

    • whiskey sour

      using a 19th century way to make a whiskey sour & bringing the right balance between citrus & sugar

  • somartini

    • martini

      the all time classic cocktail, garnished with olive or a lemon twist choose your poison..


  • sowine

    • sowhite

      clos montblanc castell macabeu, chardonnay |spain

      fresh, clean and zesty dry white with pleasant soft peach, pineapple and melon fruit flavours very well defined on the palate

    • frederico pinot grigio | italy

      personally selected from the finest parcels of grapes in the vineyards, this crisp and dry pinot grigio delivers touches of apple and citrus notes supported by a gentle acidity.

    • casas del toqui, sauvignon blanc | chile

      exotic aromas of lychee and passion fruit perfectly balanced out by the herbaceous touches and the lively acidity, with a long and satisfying finish

    • fleur du pays blanc | france

      the enticing light yellow hue with green tints hides a delicate but complex nose of peach, exotic fruits and wild flowers. the acidity and the fruit balance rolls up nicely to a long finish that will leave you craving for more.

    • cloudy bay chardonnay | new zealand

      notes of tropical fruit, honey & fresh herbs, this exceptional sauvignon blanc originates from the marlborough region.

    • chapoutier marius d'oc blanc | france

      pronounced white fruit and peach aromas that jump at you from the first sip and round off for a long and full finish

    • sorose

      adriana zinfandel rose |california, usa

      fruity, bright, crisp and refreshing: the perfect complement to a warm summer’s day! filled with sweet strawberries and flower aromas, it’s impossible not to enjoy this easy going wine

    • fleur du pays rose | france

      dry but lively, the colour of this french rosé tells you everything you need to know. the freshness of the strawberries and raspberries is perfectly complemented by the acidity in the short but smile-inducing finish

    • sored

      clos montblanc castell, tempranillo | spain

      luscious forest fruits, raspberries and blackberries, with soft vanilla characters from the short oak ageing

    • colli vicentini cabernet sauvignon| italy

      it’s rare to find an italian cabernet sauvignon, and even rare to find one as good as this. brought to us from the veneto region, this great value red if full of juicy blackcurrants resting in a soft, plump mouth feel

    • casas del toqui, merlot | chile

      velvety plum & dark red cherries fill the senses and make this a perfect find

    • chapoutier marius pays d'oc rouge | france

      combining elegance and robustness, this syrah and grenache blend is filled with warm, concentrated and floral touchspice

    • casarena 505 malbec | argentina

      the noble grape from argentina shows with great elegance and majestic fruit in this great value bottle of wine. violet red in colour, the berry fruits and the spicy oak allow the acidity to pull through the buttery mouth feel and bring us to a solid, pleasant finish

    • chateau musar jeune red | lebanon

      the legendary lebanese wine maker shows us his finest vibrant youthful red filled with red fruits, berries, and violets on the nose that are immediately apparent on the silky smooth mouthfeel. soft tannins, long finish, always with a story to tell

  • sovodka

    • finlandia

      made from pure glacial spring water and the finest finnish six-row barley that is grown under the midnight sun, finlandia is a pure and delicate vodka with a crisp, clean taste

    • ciroc

      innovative in is use of fermentation & storage processes, ciroc is the only vodka in the world to be created entirely by mauzac blanc grapes, designed to be enjoyed on its own or on the rocks

    • grey goose

      a premium spirit made only from 100% fine french soft winter wheat grown in the picardy region of france, the wheat is blended with spring water originating in an exclusive well in the massif central mountains

  • sogin

    • bombay sapphire

      distilled from a 100% grain neutral spirit from a 1761 receipe, it has 10 carefully selected ingredients including almonds, angelica, lemon peel, coriander, liquorice, cassia black juniper, cubeb berries, orris & grains of paradise

    • hendricks

      produced in small batches & distilled in scotland, infused with bulgarian rose & cucumber

    • star of bombay

      a higher-strength, super-premium variant of bombay sapphire. the classic notes of juniper, angelica and coriander have been intensified, with the addition of bergamot and ambrette seeds offering extra exoticness. a rich and intense gin.

  • sowhiskey

    • yamazaki single malt

      an engaging young whiskey recognised for its smooth easy to drink, sweet strawberry notes

    • nikka from the barrel

      a matured malt whiskey & grain whiskey are blended & then re-casked to create a rich harmony of distinctly different whiskies. characterised by solidity, depth of taste & a rich aroma, a must try from japan

    • macallan gold

      a nose of lemon citrus, then orange peel & an interlacing sweetness that softens but doesn't eliminate the zest. a quiet note of vanilla is followed by dark chocolate & light oak notes

    • jack daniels

      using pure cave spring water and a unique, charcoal mellowing process then ageing in their own handcrafted barrels is what gives jack daniels its distinctive character

    • jack daniels single barrel

      only the master distiller decides which barrels should become jack daniels single barrell, each bottle is hand-labelled with its barrel number, dark amber in colour with a strong caramel or vanilla presence

    • woodford reserve

      labrot & graham's woodford reserve is a superbly smooth, flavoursome bourbon, rich and full bodied with a sophisticated range of flavours. excellent as a digestif after a rich meal.

    • jack daniels fire

      combining the legendary No.7 with a fiery cinnamon liqueur, this is sweet and spicy with notes of vanilla. best enjoyed on its own, slightly chilled

    • jack daniels honey

      long awaited in the uk and with a big following in the usa, this is jack daniel's honey and whiskey liqueur. a mix of regular Old No 7 and a spiced honey liqueur, it's got spice, sweetness, floral undertones and a long smooth finish

    • gentlemen jack

      this version of jack daniels is charcoal-mellowed both before and after ageing, creating the most refined and easy-drinking version of JD yet

    • chivas regal 12yo

      a rich smooth blend of many different malt & grain scotch whiskies, matured for atleast 12 years

    • johnnie walker black

      one of the worlds most recognisable scotch whiskies, a very silky & complex glory

    • johnnie walker gold

      a limited edition gold-wrapped bottle of johnnie walker's gold label reserve, relaunched in 2012 using clynelish as its core malt

    • johnnie walker blue

      the brands most prestigious whisky, made up of the finest old-aged malt & grain whiskies, blue labels bold, multi-layered palate & silky delivery ensure that it sits unchallenged

    • jameson

      a hugely popular irish blend, renewed for its affinity with ginger ale

  • sorum

    • bacardi

      first released in 1862, the worlds leading spirit brand, & its still under family ownership

    • bacardi ochos anos

      a refined and crafted sipping rum for the mature palate, this has a rich and complex flavour to be savoured

    • bacardi gold

      a light golden rum with a soft oak flavour. it has rich vanilla, buttery caramel, raisin, toasted almond and sweet ripe banana notes balanced with the warm zest of orange peel and a hint of smoke. it has a dry and slightly sweet finish, retaining a subtle background of oak

    • bacardi fuego

      aged in torched oak barrels for up to a year then blended and shaped through charcoals and finally mixed with a secret blend of natural flavours and spices for a bold yet smooth flavour

    • bacardi carta negra

      a dark and intense rum that captures the bold flavours of oak, orange peel and sweet molasses

    • malibu

      an eighties favourite which has stood the test of time, the benchmark coconut liqueur

    • cachaca sagatiba

      pure sugarcane spirit made from fresh cut sugar cane producing a very clean spirit with the delicate flavour & aroma of the freshly cut sugar cane

  • sotequila

    • jose cuervo gold

      the worlds top-selling tequila, is blended with resposado & other aged cuervo tequilas

    • patron silver

      a boutique premium blanco tequila from one of the most famous houses in Mexico, this is a fine white tequila with good purity of flavour

    • patron anejo

      carefully blended and oak aged for over 12 months to produce a smooth, sweet tequila perfect for sipping

    • patron xo cafe

      a dry, delicious liqueur that combines Patrón Silver Tequila and the pure, natural essence of fine coffee

    • jose cuervo extra anejo

      the jose cuervo families finest tequila, in fact for over 10 generations this was a family secret until 1995 to celebrate 200 years of their tequila they decided to share this blend. each bottle is hand-crafted, numbered & dated then sealed in wax

  • soliqueurs

    • amaretto disaranno

      a hugely popular traditional digestif, disaronno shows intense marzipan & battenberg cake flavours on the palate

    • baileys

      blended from cream, cocoa & irish whiskey

    • chambord

      a five star liqueur, made with black raspberries & other bramble fruits, infused in aged cognac.

    • cointreau

      classic crystal clear liqueur, based on a blend of sweet & bitter orange peels

    • frangelico

      legendary italian hazelnut liqueur made to a recipe dating back 300 years

    • galliano

      formulated in italy from 25 ingredients including vanilla & star anise

    • grand marnier

      the most prestigious french liqueurs in the world, a delicate blend of cognacs from the best growing areas with a distilled essence of oranges

    • kahula

      the number one selling coffee liqueur in the world

    • limoncello

      a distincitve premium liqueur made with the juices of fresh lemons from southern italy. traditionally served chilled as an aperitif

    • sambuca

      antica sambuca, a fantastic & rightly popular italian made sambuca, sticky sweet & full of flavour

    • jagermeister

      the cult german herb liqueur, bittersweet flavours are best appreciated in a ice cold glass, or within the famous jager bomb cocktail

    • tia maria

      a classic coffee liqueur, a cunning combination of cane spirit, coffee, vanilla & sugar. it has enjoyed world wide success since its invention in jamaica in the 1940s

  • socognac

    • martell

      one of the most recognisable brands in the world, works well on its own or in cocktails

    • hine vsop

      this champagne cognac is hine's most floral cognac, with hints of jasmine, iris & vanilla it is delicate, smooth & velvety

    • hennessy xo

      the original 'extra-old cognac', first bottled in 1870. darker & much more complex than the vs, with appealing leather & tobacco notes and a touch of spice, a great cigar cognac

  • soapertifs

    • campari

      an italian bitter liqueur aperetif, created in the 19th century in a coffee shop in milan. flavoured with 68 herbs & spices

    • pimms no1

      the classic english summer drink, an institution in the uk where it is enjoyed with lemonade, mint & various fresh fruits

  • sosoftdrinks

    • coca-cola

    • diet coca-cola

    • red bull

    • lemonade

    • tonic water / light

    • ginger beer

    • tomato juice

    • orange juice

    • pineapple juice

    • cranberry juice

    • apple juice

    • still / sparkling water

  • sohotdrinks

      tea (per pot, serves 4)

      discover so mezze's premier selection of infused teas from across the globe

    • moroccan mint

      refreshing with bold, cool minty notes, smooth and relaxing texture and flavour, classic moroccan mint tea served with fresh mint leaves

    • persian chai

      a tradition of daily life in persia, one of the worlds most popular teas with a smooth & rich velvet texture & light soft aroma

    • rose

      a tea that invokes the sweet lingering fragrance of late summer roses & turkish delight

    • caramel

      rich, dark caramel aroma, molasses notes. dense and decadent cup, with a sweet, brown sugar aftertaste

    • vanilla

      our vanilla black tea has a soothing, sweet and very 'beany' vanilla fragrance (like warm sugar cookies made with fresh vanilla beans)

    • candy apple

      premium black tea from Sri Lanka flavoured with caramel and apple pieces

    • raspberry

      a very candy-like aroma, delicately tangy and jammy raspberry flavour

    • strawberry

      a fresh sweet-floral and berry flavour, smooth and sugary texture

    • passionfruit

      rich, dark caramel aroma, molasses notes. dense and decadent cup, with a sweet, brown sugar aftertaste

    • ginger

      combining the fresh, warming heat of ginger with the rich tang of Ceylon black tea.

    • cream

      rich, dark caramel aroma, molasses notes. dense and decadent cup, with a sweet, brown sugar aftertaste

    • peach

      delightful peach-nectar fragrance, lingering floral aromas as you sip

    • chocolate

      very smooth, clean and liquid texture, much like a chocolate liquor with the natural flavour of dark rich chocolate

    • jasmine bulb

      a rare, hand-rolled green tea from the Fujian province of China, infused with the delicate scent of night-blooming jasmine. a clear and delicate floral fragrance, pleasantly soft texture and delicately dry finish

    • chamomile

      emanating from black currants, cranberries, raspberries, elderberries, bilberries, hibiscus flowers and rose hip peels. berry Blast has a bold and slightly tart flavour, with a juicy clean finish. no sugar or other sweeteners added

    • berry blast

      emanating from black currants, cranberries, raspberries, elderberries, bilberries, hibiscus flowers and rose hip peels. Berry Blast has a bold and slightly tart flavour, with a juicy clean finish. No sugar or other sweeteners added

    • fruit melody

      a jammy sweet mix of strawberry, hibiscus flowers, apples, rose hips and lemongrass. deep, rich fruity flavour

    • arabic coffee

    • americano coffee

    • latte coffee

    • cappuccino

  • sobeer / cider

    • peroni, nastro azzuro

      only ever blended in italy, using the finest hops with two-row spring planted barley creating a uniquely crisp and refreshing taste

    • corona

      the famous mexican light beer, fantastic with a slice of lime

    • desperado

      the worlds first tequila flavoured beer, a combination of full bodied larger with a kick of tequila flavour, light & refreshing balanced with spicy & lemony notes for sweetness

    • budweiser

      known as 'the king of beers' & first introduced in 1876, its still brewed with the same high standards today. a medium-bodied, flavourful, crisp american style larger

  • soprosecco

    • colli vicentini, romeo prosecco superiore brut

      a lovely and fresh prosecco offering the apple and grape fruit flavours both on the nose and on the palate, with a lingering finish filled with luscious sweetness.

    • colli vicentini, juliet prosecco superiore rose

      the vast complexity of summer berries and passion fruit flavours is balanced by the light and refreshing body and the scent of flowers carried through in the soft and refreshing bubbles.

  • sobubbles

    • champagne nicolo brut

      a pinot noir dominated blend, this is a classic champagne from a classic champagne house. nicolo paradis’ flagship wine is filled with fruit aromas and soft but decisive bubbles, and it’s sure to leave a mark

    • champagne nicolo rose

      cherry, strawberry and raspberry flavours on the nose and the palate, this rose champagne is a perfect example of a delicate, rounded and well balanced drink. works outstandingly well with desserts

    • moet & chandon brut

      the brut imperial from moet, one of the worlds best known. this embodies moets house style, crisp & clean this classic champagne shows citrus aromas & biscuity flavours

    • moet & chandon brut rose

      a glamorous champagne, rose imperial distinguishes itself by its radiant colour, an intense fruitiness & flamboyance on the palate & the aromas are intense with a lively bouquet of fresh red summer berries & a light peppery touch

    • laurent perrier brut

      don’t be fooled into thinking that laurent perrier is a one-hit-wonder; their brut champagne is one of the most delightful non-vintage champagnes in the world. subtle citrus and toast flavours due to the high proportion of chardonnay in the blend, this light but complex champagne is a classic

    • laurent perrier rose

      if there was only one rose champagne in the world, this would be it - fresh, rounded and supple, with an intensely fruity finish, it’s just like eating a basket of freshly picked red berries!

  • sosmoothies&shakes

    • shakes

    • oreo

    • strawberry mascarpone

    • vanilla

    • chocolate

    • ferrero rocher

    • white chocolate

    • strawberry

    • smoothies

    • strawberry kiss

      strawberries, kissed with strawberries

    • lebanese mint & lemon

      a so mezze favourite, exclusive to our lounge & created by our lebanese chefs

    • arabian pineapple & mint

      another exclusive to our lounge, refreshing & all the way from the middle east

    • strawberry & citrus

      an exciting creamy mix, smooth & sweet

    • beruit pineapple & ginger

      another lebanese speciality, leaves a ting on your tongue with a taste of the sweet pineapple

    • mango & lime

      a juicy mango smoothie with a citrus twist